Commitment to Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is possible when responsible businesses embrace policies and tactics that emulate a “green strategy.” BluePearl is committed to this approach and works to apply environmental principles throughout its practice while continuing to ensure excellent patient care.

BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Seattle and Renton's eco-friendly actions not only help reduce our overall footprint but reinforce our mission to remain socially and environmentally responsible community partners and advocates. To this end, BluePearl has taken the following steps to ensure we adhere to these core principles:

  • Purchase “Oxo Biodegradable” dispensing bags, which meet the highest level of biodegradable certification.
  • Adhere to bag ban policy in Seattle, Washington and offer dispensing bag alternatives.
  • Provide secure bicycle lock-up and shower facilities to help our employees make their own personal commitments to their health while encouraging bicycle commuting.
  • Purchase only EnergyStar rated appliances to help reduce energy consumption.
  • Ensure only recycled, and where possible, Forest Certified paper is used in all printed materials.
  • Work through better waste management to reduce medical waste and institute strict recycling and composting guidelines throughout both hospitals.
  • Purchase only energy efficient, mercury free light bulbs.

A centerpiece to these efforts is BluePearl Renton; a state-of-the-art facility built from the ground up with the goal of reducing environmental impact. The steps taken to ensure BluePearl Renton’s sustainability included:

  • Selecting a hospital location within close proximity to public transit.
  • Securing construction materials from sources within 500 miles to help reduce the amount of carbon produced in the transport of materials.
  • Sorting, reusing and recycling materials removed during the hospital construction process.
  • Ensuring that no VOC (volatile organic chemicals) paints were used on-site and that the caulking selected was low in, or contained no VOC.
  • Installing dual flush, low-flow toilets and low-flow faucet heads, which in turn helps to reduce water waste.
  • Installing faucet sensors to ensure water is turned off when not in use.
  • Making sure all lighting uses energy efficient bulbs and bulbs that are mercury free.
  • Installing only EnergyStar rated appliances to help reduce energy consumption.
  • Installing new insulation that is certified to be formaldehyde free.
  • Ensuring that all doors and wood framework were built with Forest Certified Wood.

BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Seattle and Renton has achieved the following recognition for our ongoing commitment to sustainability:

  • Secured five-star rating by nationally recognized EnviroStar program.
  • Named one of Seattle Business Magazines Top 50 2011 Green Washington Award Winners