If your pet is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call us at 206.364.1660 for advice on stabilizing your pet prior to transport to our facility.

We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a full medical team on-staff to assist you and your pet.

When to call immediately

The following conditions require immediate medical attention. If your pet:

  • Has been hit by a car or had any other major traumatic event.
  • Is having trouble breathing.
  • Is having convulsions or seizures that are new in onset or lasting over five minutes.
  • Has been exposed to a toxin or medication that was not prescribed.
  • Is having difficulty urinating.
  • Has uncontrolled bleeding.
  • Has a bloated or distended abdomen.
  • Has persistent or severe vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Is suddenly unable to use a limb.
  • Is having difficulty giving birth.
  • Is exhibiting painful behavior.
  • Has an unexplained fever or is showing signs of hypothermia.


  • Do not give your pet ANY medication or supplement without first checking with your veterinarian. Some common human medications and supplements can be toxic, even in small doses to your pet.
  • Please be careful handling your pet if they have been injured. Even the most gentle pet may bite or scratch when hurt. We recommend always transporting cats in a carrier or box. Dogs may be transported using a large bedspread, blanket, or plywood as a stretcher.

What to Expect

  • As in an emergency hospital for humans, pets are quickly triaged and assessed for stability upon arrival at BluePearl. Timely and efficient care ensures all our patients, critical and non-critical, receive the thorough treatment they need.
  • We inform your family veterinarian about your pet’s condition and treatment by providing copies of all medical records, laboratory findings, and treatment plans within 24 hours of your pet’s visit to BluePearl.
  • You and your vet will be regularly involved in helping to direct the ongoing care of your pet, whether at BluePearl or by transfer back to your family veterinarian’s clinic.
  • This total team approach, which includes emergency care, specialty care as needed, and the active involvement of your family veterinarian, ensures that your pet receives the highest quality emergency care they deserve.