Backlund Staff Bio Picture

Dr. Backlund manages patients with complex problems such as immune mediated diseases, endocrine problems and hepatic diseases. She is a skilled endoscopist who provides bronchoscopy, rhinoscopy and other endoscopy services. Dr. Backlund is especially interested in infectious and immune mediated disorders such as immune mediated hemolytic anemia, immune mediated thrombocytopenia and immune mediated polyarthritis.

Ann Staff Bio Picture

Originally from Oregon, Dr. Lisa Hann is excited to be practicing back in the Northwest after studying abroad and on the East Coast for many years. Dr. Hann enjoys all aspects of the often complex nature of internal medicine, but she is especially interested in endocrinopathies, hematologic disorders and gastrointestinal diseases. She also finds the development of strong, long-term relationships with both pet families and their referring family veterinarian a beneficial component of her work.

Schreiner Staff Bio Picture

A skilled internist, Dr. Schreiner particularly enjoys gastrointestinal, hepatic, renal/urinary and cardiology cases, especially those that offer the added challenge of diagnostic and interventional endoscopies.