ACCES Blood Bank Resources

In recent years, transfusion medicine has become more prevalent in veterinary care. National animal blood banks do supply blood products, but are often backordered and out of product. The ACCES Blood Bank was created in 2004 to help fill this need.

Transfusion Instruction Forms

View the links below for quick and easy directions on how to transfuse various blood components. All components are available for sale through the BluePearl-affiliated ACCES Blood Bank.

Transfusion Monitoring Form

Canine Packed Red Blood Cells PDF
Canine Fresh Frozen Plasma PDF
Canine Cryoprecipitate PDF
Feline Packed Red Blood Cells PDF
Feline Fresh Frozen Plasma PDF

“Throughout the year many of our patients need critical care and often require a blood transfusion. It is important to have a well-stocked blood bank for them and other patients in need. The ACCES Blood Bank fills that need.” – Dr. Rob McMonigle, McMonigle Veterinary Hospital